Therapeus in Greek means care, therapeutic, healing, and curative. Therefore, Therapeus exists to assist every person regardless of one’s path, to feel valued, respected, encouraged, and fortified, to walk an unashamed, passionate, forgiving, and growing relationship with God, and to embrace gratitude as the cornerstone for building relationships by serving others through simple and actionable love.


We envision this mission unfolding through genuine acceptance of every person’s walk, in life. This vision serves as a platform to encourage and empower as we continue to root ourselves through garnered knowledge, experiences, and daily work toward kindness in our communities and the world. Our programs are the cornerstone of our existence and through genuine adherence to our mission, we serve you.

As the sun rises over Colorado’s Front Range, the snow-capped mountains begin to appear to the naked eye. This view offers one of the United States’ most beautiful places to live. Here, you’ll find Therapeus.  

Our name Therapeus derives from the Greek meanings of curative, therapeutic, healing care, good mindset, and common relaxation. All done in service to God. It is a conglomerate of many healing modalities and is mentioned several times in the Bible as therapeuo (θεραπεία), meaning, of attendance or curative. Our name is pronounced ther-ap-yoo-ous. 

Therapeus is a spiritual non-profit meeting and community center, focused on building communal strength. We offer therapeutic modalities to assist in mind and soul care, as we do life together. And the best part of our existence is that most of our programs are offered free of charge or by donations. 

Our other offices are in Belize, Central America and soon to be, California, USA.

Come escape to Therapeus!