In 1994 Dr. Oliver and her family moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Before the upcoming move, the Oliver family lived in Nashville, TN. Upon learning about the forthcoming relocation, Dr. Oliver had never visited Colorado before. Granted she was born in Belize; it was her assumption that the move to Colorado would be out of her comfort zone. Yet, based on her family’s needs, they relocated in the spring season of 1994.

From the moment Dr. Oliver arrived; she was captivated by the mountains of Colorado. The great Pikes Peak rested in her morning view and seemed to follow her at every waking step. This place was now home! A place where she nurtured her family and dreamed of what was to come. The only place her daughter recognizes as home. Born in Peru, the State of Colorado also drew Mr. Salazar in. He and his parents moved to Colorado in 2005 and have lived here ever since.

Mr. Salazar and Dr. Oliver met in 2016 and have worked on creating and building several nonprofits in Colorado. During Dr. Oliver’s PhD track, it was their intention to have one of these nonprofits serve as a hub for building resilience. However, the envisioned partnerships did not align with the overall purposes of what Dr. Oliver and Mr. Salazar had in mind. In addition, our leadership team had a few personal setbacks, which may have seemed alarming at the time, but instead provided us time to analyze and put into continuous practice our goals for a center of care.

Dr. Oliver established a helping ministry in 2013, which supports impoverished communities in her home country of Belize. However, the need to still pursue a place where people could visit and find comfort in the State of Colorado, resonated in her. After several conversations with Mr. Salazar, Dr. Oliver proposed a name change of said ministry, to one that speaks of numerous forms of community enrichment programs.  

After the name change, Mr. Salazar and Dr. Oliver realized their dreams were coming to fruition in Therapeus! Their vision for a community care center has become a reality as they continue to design a tradition of resilient care, coupled with Western hospitality.  Our growing Therapeus team includes Mr. Brown who assists Therapeus in funding initiatives, Mr. Salazar’s fiancé, who will be migrating from Brazil to Colorado soon, as well as Dr. Oliver’s daughter and son-in-law. We have embraced the importance of family and culture in generating ideal and helping connections.

The evolution of Therapeus continues to develop into a place to welcome guests from all paths of life, as well as the people who share trials and triumphs in our neighboring communities. We do this with professional gentle care and attention. As the executive director of Therapeus, Mr. Salazar alongside Dr. Oliver’s expertise, our team members, families, and volunteers, at Therapeus we continue our original purpose of a community care center, providing services and enrichment programs, which enhances the personal self-determination and spiritual growth of each guest.