Empathy Toward Friends

Real friendships have the ability to change the world. Yes, I know that this may sound a bit quirky, but please bear with me as I share why. When friends are supportive of each other, this can make adjusting to some of life’s trials so much easier to maneuver through. A listening and empathetic ear, can often put a chaotic heart at ease. Sometimes people just need our soft presence and not one of judgment or criticism.

Providing these elements of kindness, refreshes the soul of a friend who needs it. Loyalty, honesty, and compassion from one person to another can break down barriers of protection that others may not have been able to chip through. A real friend can bring out the inherent beauty once embedded in the heart of another. When this beauty is revealed…watch out…as it will be filtered into daily interactions, creating a stream of kindness through those who are open to the positive effects this expression brings.

Real friends uphold accountability in strengths and weaknesses as an important aspect to flourish and grow. Be grateful for your true friend, as she is invaluable.

Enjoy your October!


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