Sunday October 14th’s Reflection

Meditating on HIS words: Joshua 1:8

October’s Theme: Self-Control

siyach or hagah


No Comparison

Relax and Focus: Prepare your reading space. Relax and focus on the joy of reading God’s words.

Read: 2 Corinthians 10:12-15, 17

Reflect: By driving around simply doing basic errands, what is easily found are bumper stickers sharing the accomplishments of family members, teams, or even that of business success. However, when these achievements propel us to share in this way, it is important to discern on a simple question. Is this boasting or is this comparison? The neighbor’s child who struggles in school, may find it very difficult to compare himself with his childhood friend who is a star student. So much of a great student that her parents drives around every day sharing with strangers, how wonderful she is, by displaying this on a piece of paper taped to the bumpers of their cars.

Moving into the work environment, think of how it makes you feel when your abilities are compared with someone else’s on your team. In fact, there are some leadership styles that feed on this form of “motivational” technique, noting that it may provoke others to become just as good. And, instead does quite the opposite. When you believe that you should voice your accomplishments, ask yourself…why is this necessary for me to do? How is this helping anyone? How do I believe that God sees me? Does God see my success? Does he help me to meet my goals? Does he love and accept me for who I am?

By reading his Word, there’s a high chance that you’d find the answers to these question. God sees your beauty, he wants to accompany you in everything, he loves and accepts you and your willingness to admit failures, to try and try, as you become closer to him. As Paul encouraged us to do Boast only in what God does!

Respond: Discern on the answers you’ve provided to these questions. Keep them near as a reference point for you during times when you believe or have a nudge to boast or compare on your achievements.

Rest: Rest your thoughts and consider ways you could move from boasting and comparing, to helping. If you are an expert in a subject, offer to tutor a child who is struggling in school. If God has done something to change your life significantly, boast on this!

Discuss: Share your findings with family members and friends who are open to listening. Be sure to discuss why this is important to you, and thank them for allowing you to share your thoughts and feelings.

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