Sunday October’s 7th’s Reflection

Meditating on HIS words: Joshua 1:8

October’s Theme: Self-Control

siyach or hagah


From Victim to Victor

Relax and Focus: Prepare your reading space. Relax and focus on the joy of reading God’s words.

Read: Psalm 91:11-12

Reflect: This prayer of Moses, a supreme man of God, discusses that you are protected by angels even in times of trouble. Not only to protect you, but to assist you in guarding your ways. Yet, questions that should be asked are—do you often sit still before responding to an uncomfortable situation? Do you trust that God’s angels will help you with the answers? Do you have a tendency to blame others based on what has happened to you in the past, or based on your current situation? How can the reassurance of this verse help you the next time you are faced with stressful situations? Striking a foot on a stone can be quite painful, just as agonizing is the discomfort inflicted on yourself and others when circumstances are out of control.

Respond: Discern on the answers you’ve provided to these questions. Keep them near as a reference point for you during times of anger, and if you continue to “lose it”, return to these verses over and over again.

Rest: Rest your thoughts and consider ways you could deflect anger toward another person or even on yourself, should this behavior show up this week. Allow yourself to be lifted-up into a new way of viewing things by becoming the victor over your words and actions toward others.

Discuss: Share your findings with family members and friends who are open to listen. Be sure to discuss why this is important to you, and thank them for allowing you to share your thoughts and feelings.

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