Snow Dreams

It is 30 degrees and snowing right now and my day has been a good one.

I awoke at 5 am this morning, spent time in devotion, and worked on many last minute technical projects until around 8 am. I knew that our town was forecasted for snow and therefore, I started to plan my day around this event.

As I arose from bed it seemed quite dreary outside, the skies were gray and a frosty-dampness was evident; yet, I still made time to stretch my bones. The magnesium complex that I am taking every night before I retire seems to be proving to do some good. Not only am I am resting well, I also awake energized. I shared this with my friend Susan in Tennessee during our lovely conversation last evening, and communicated that I hope this is for real.

As the day progressed, I attended a gratitude ceremony on a local farm in Colorado owned by my dear farmer-friends, Christine and John. I always enjoy spending time with them as their property is inspiring and gives me hope that soon I will have a homestead of my own.

I returned home, had a great BIG salad, and then decided to read a bit. I made it in the door just in time before the snow started to quietly fall. When it comes time to shovel my driveway, I grumble sometimes; however, I do enjoy this time of the year. It is so beautiful and tranquil to watch the snow fall, and to watch one of my Pomeranian play, and play, and play. She loves it so much as depicted in the photo below. She had a great time running around  this afternoon, as I checked on the greenhouses and the fragrant herbs I have growing in them. I patiently await the many seed catalogs I know are on the way, as I continue to contemplate what to grow this year. I want apple, pear, and peach trees, grapevines, and all sorts of berries on my homestead. I want alpacas too…I reckon that every day I am getting closer, and for this I am so grateful.


Tomorrow my day starts at around 3 am, so I must say goodnight. I hold the light for all of you for a beautiful week ahead.

Many blessings,

Rev. Charlotte

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