Significant Livelihood

“My, how time flies”… was an idiom my mother used often while I was a young girl. She used it to refer to friends who may have left her circle for a year or two and to signify the return of family members studying or who may have moved abroad. With April already upon us, this saying seems to be creeping around in my head more often than I would like. And, I believe it is based on all that I must accomplish today, tomorrow, and this year.

It is my daily routine to work without an audience and void of accolades. I’ve never been one to garner praises for what I do. In fact, I only have a profile on Linkedin, because I believe that I needed to; a thought encouraged by colleagues. But honestly, when I have the opportunity….or even better, when I decide to delete this profile, I will be quite relieved. My heart flutters right at this moment, just thinking about how freeing that moment will be.  No more viewing of status sharing, promotions, awards…nothing like that. Whew!

“Whatever you do, do your work willingly as though you were serving the Lord himself, and not just your human earthly master.” (Colossians 3: 23). For some, verse 22 of this chapter can be hurtful, specifically as referred to the word slaves. Yet, if we continue on the path of secular society, we become slaves to everything shoved at us. Nonetheless, as believers we know that if we become workers of the Bible and our service for Christ, we are redeemed.

To do so, we must reject shallow living. The type of living where we need to have tangible accolades and rewards. We must simply stop being show-offs to the non-Christian world. This world is superficial and if we are not careful, causes us to crave more of what it has set us up to believe about who we are and about what we need. This is not the way!

To re-route, all we need is Jesus Christ. When we serve Him completely, our work reflects compassion, service, kindness, and pleasantries. Not competition and putting ourselves first.

Let’s look toward our eternal journey. When we live completely for Christ, the path toward our heavenly destiny becomes so much easier. Let’s just be centered on Love.

Rev. M. Charlotte Oliver

Impressing God

Matthew 6: 1-4, 16-17

In the last year I have been exposed to several type of spiritual leaders. My work offers me this advantage. Some are just finding their way, while others are so experienced that preaching the gospel and building a strong organization is just like drinking water; it comes so easy. However, there are two types that I find fascinating. First, the one with a smaller congregation who lives to impress other pastors, and second, the one who lives truly to impress God. This is not to say that the first type of pastor is not in line with what the second type is most concerned with. What I am really discussing here is the notion of impressions.

In life, as women, we are faced with so much stuff. We must look and act a certain way, parent like what some may see as the ideal mom, be the best wife/partner ever…and so on. Yet, when we read the Sermon on the Mount, what Jesus held of the utmost importance were the acts of giving and how to make impressions. He was absolutely against stage shows, but was most concerned with our own intimate relationship with God.

Yes, God wants us to live comfortable lives. He wants us to take advantage of all the good he provides for us. However, not to show off, but instead, to humble ourselves as discussed in Luke 14:11. Attention should be craved only from God. It is not necessary to be carnally admired or always be noticed for what we do, how we give, what we drive, where we live…the only thing of importance to our God is what we have done to serve Him. As servant leaders, we must often remember that we work for the ultimate leader, our God! How wonderful to know that we are members of His staff. Our just reward is to always be applauded by Him! Even in the quietness of our efforts, we are very popular members of His team. No stage shows are ever necessary.

In this month dedicated to love, consider that when we love our Father first, everything else can surely fall into place.

With love,


You are Important

Editor’s Note: In God’s Eyes, You Rock!


Welcome to this journal and blog issue. I know that summer is gearing up to greet us all with warmth, cool breezes, and green grass. The months of dryness and busyness we leave behind to experience new special moments ahead. For some of you who are stay at home moms, your days may resemble planning daily activities with your children, or spending precious time with friends. For others who have pets as their companion, more time is spent at dog parks, or you may even be motivated to take longer walks in your neighborhood. As for me, I usually spend these lazy months, gardening, crafting, visiting farmer’s markets, and catching up on reading clean romance novels. And, speaking of novels … I just registered to see Karen Kingsbury on June 6th. I am so excited to finally see her in person!

Before I move on to my own daily activities, I want you to know that even though I am aware that it may be busy for some, that it may not be for you. However, just know you may not be here, there, and everywhere. Yet, our dear Father sees you and your light. Your name may not ring-a-bell like the name of others in your community. Yet, God hears your call. And, although you may believe that you are not important, I want you to know that I see you, as God hears you.

At the Pink Door Women’s Ministry, we are here to support you in every step of your Christian journey. Each cell in your body was created for you and only you. You are completely beautiful in the eyes of our Lord. For this reason, we honor you and asked that you embrace who you are at every moment. We walk this glorious path together.

In HIS grace,

Rev. Charlotte

The Immortal Garden

As I sit at the dining room table, and I plan our planting projects for the next few months, I am in awe of the amount of snow currently falling in the Denver Metro area. Some have said that it is close to ten inches thus far, yet; this has not caused me any recourse on what my expectations are for the growing season this year.

I view this storm as a blessing for the moisture that it is bestowing on us. I won’t have to water the shrubs or the lawn for a few days after this. In my humble household, the silent falling snow, brings us great moments of reflection. And we capture these, in appreciation of the bounty this moisture will bring.

This afternoon, I will start seeds of violet, blue iris, chocolate habanero, horehound, white soul strawberry, ground cherry, and gambo pepper. Tomorrow, I plan to add to this group with schwartzbeeren and garden huckleberry. I have some nance seed in the freezer to crack and plant as well… as I long for the nance ice cream I used to eat growing up in my home country of Belize.

I trust that wherever you reside at this moment, that your day is filled with gratitude for this life that God has provided us. I urge you to honor it in grace!

Until I write again,

“Garden as though you will live forever.”

~ William Kent

I wish you a great plenty this year!

Rev. Charlotte

Know Well the Condition of Your Flocks

Friends, Christine and John, have a flock of chickens and two roosters. They also have two turkeys that have been a part of the family for over a year. However, the last time I visited the farm they mentioned to me that the flock seems to be dwindling and they are afraid it may be coyotes and foxes, among other predators in their neck-of-the-woods. Therefore, when I received an invitation to attend a chicken POW WOW two weeks ago, I couldn’t resist.

I started getting excited about three days prior to the event based on the idea that I will be learning valuable information that could benefit the future retreat center and learning community. I have always wanted chicks on the farm, and learning more about them was right up my alley. I awoke very early to clean up, because I knew friends were on the way from visiting family here in Denver. With one of their birthdays only two days away, I thought that we could have an early friendship dinner before the rush on the actual day. After I sorted through appropriate attire to attend the workshop, I got dressed and was on my way. The weather herein Colorado has been beautiful the last few days; yet, I knew the area of the state I would drive to is known for windy conditions and lots of snow. I was right about the winds…Whew! Glad that I brought along my good coat.

It took me about 40 minutes to arrive, and as usual, I was the first person there. Soon thereafter, people started arriving as well. The doors opened and I found a seat. I then looked to my right and saw the most beautiful roosters I had ever seen. One won the Best in Show award for 2017 at the latest stock show. His breather was one of the presenters, and I knew then that he must know his stuff.

Today I learned about brooders, layers, biosecurity, avoiding predators, pasty butt, scratch, grit, parasites, regular and organic feed, egg eating, caring for eggs, and a whole lot more. By the end of the presentation, I was overwhelmed and also knew that with this information, I could most definitely do this.

Proverbs 27:23 says “Know well the condition of your flocks, and pay attention to your herds.” I like this verse, because it is an important reminder of the importance of caring for the animals we keep. This means we must feed them the right foods for their bodies, make sure that they have fresh water, treat them with care, and always thank them for what they give to us, and f course for their sacrifices.

This was a good day, and I am so happy that I attended this event.

Happy Easter to you!

Rev. Charlotte

Heart Planting

It’s March already, and by now, historically, I usually have started my African vegetables. These are normally the hardy kind, like kale, collard greens and so forth; you get the picture. Yet, this year seems different. I mean my heart is in it; however, I feel as though I continue to give more of myself than I receive in return, and in return, my energy is spent. There are many verses written on our will to give freely. Accordingly, I spent time with this verse today, “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.” – Proverbs 3:27. I understand this completely, but still I struggle with it. I often ask when is enough, ample? With this question, I have concluded that I do not have the power to continue to give freely in certain situations.

I work a number of four jobs at times, just to see my life of owning a farm come to fruition. There are times I must be up at 2:50 in the morning, to focus on one of my many gigs. Based on this one reason among others, my power to consistently give, I have discerned, must be halted in the recognition that I must give to the farm that is yet to come…I must give to me. By doing so,  I am better able to sit comfortably with God in quiet conversations, to expect, to wait, and to listen.

Recently I was invited to a seed swap that actually fell on a Wednesday night it was scheduled to start at 6pm, and its location is usually about a 35 minute drive outside of the Denver, Colorado rush hour. When I received the invite, my first instinct was to say “That’s too far, it will take me two hours to get there.” Then I thought again, and said to myself “You have the power to do this, just leave the house a little earlier”. It took me a total of 56 minutes to make it there that night. It felt good that I attempted the drive.

I walked into the quaint and fun farmer’s market and was greeted by the smell of tons of delicious food. Since this was a potluck as well; I placed my strawberry spinach salad on the table. The venue was warm and the people were friendly. I sat next to a lovely woman who talked about her bees. I shared with her that my neighbor has two beehives, and that I credited her bees for my wonderful bounty last year. On the table to my right were a plethora of seeds brought in by other farmers and gardeners; I brought some seeds too. I was so proud of my Cinderella pumpkin seeds I harvested and dried myself that I had to package some to share. You can see a picture below.

The presenter was a woman farmer who shared good information on starting seedlings. She gave me so much hope that I now feel that I can muster up the time and energy to start some cold-hardy crops this weekend. The event planted great feelings in my heart in the acknowledgment that I can do all things, when I have support from Jude, stay steeped in God, and when I spend time with the people who truly love me. Jude is visiting family right now, which gives me a lot of time to think. One thing the drive into the city validated for me is that I must put my needs and desires in the forefront of everything that I do. I must wear the oxygen mask first, before I can give to others. And, putting this into writing tells me that there is no turning back. For this I am sooooo thankful!

Have a beautiful evening,