Night has Come

Night has come at last.

It is that time when I can sit back and enjoy the quietude around us. Even though I reside in a small suburb of Denver, Colorado, there are still moments that we hear the sound of an ambulance go by.  Since I live in close vicinity to a hospital, this is expected. However, not so much tonight. It is so very quiet here at this moment. I can’t even hear the frigid winds that took over the day. Its force appears to have removed the last leaves from the trees in my neighborhood.  In fact, coming home today, it was almost impossible to see the darkness where fresh tar once laid; instead, all I could see were leftover dried leaves scattered everywhere; like, my mind sometimes in these planning phases…

The chill of the day, made me a bit concerned about the herbs in my little greenhouse constructed only about two weeks ago. Although I have it heated, I still worry about my little plants, which provided such wonderful flavors to my most recent Christmas meal. Fresh sage and thyme galore, and chocolate mint tea with sweet potato and pumpkin pie to follow.  I said to friends over the weekend, how grateful I am to have this to enjoy in the middle of a minor snow shower yesterday morning, and how much I relish the simplicity of  life now lived in a city far removed from the hustle and bustle. Can you imagine how tranquil I will be when I finally obtain land? I am patient; yet, eager at the same time. Please bare with me.

I have so much more to say…but sleepiness becomes me, and my day starts at 2:50 in the morning. I guess I am preparing for when I get to milk the cows and feed the chickens.

If you find my writings are worth a kind comment or two, please do share about your life and your day as well.

Count your sheeps and sleep with the angels,

Rev. Charlotte

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