September 2nd, 2018 Study & Guide: Meditating on His Words

 This series is based on God’s Words to meditate 


                                                              Joshua 1:8

siyach or hagah


in Hebrew

Bursting to Speak Your Truth

Study Guide

Series: Kindness in Words. Spirit in Actions (WK1)

Relax and Focus : Allow yourself to become centered by slowly breathing in and breathing out. Relax your mind and body.

Read : Proverbs 16:24

Take time to read these words. Look at them and allow them to fall into you.

Reflect : Think of moments when you’ve received compliments and kind words that were comforting and soothing to your soul. Honey during the time the Bible was written, was a staple food, which offered nutrients and medicinal benefits.  Compared in this context, imagine now, the sweetness of honey, and the soothing qualities it offers. Think of moments when you could have been kinder in your words. How does making someone feel unimportant apply to your life? Did this experience make you think of your past behaviors? Did you apologize? Or perhaps, may still need to? Consider Jesus sitting in the room without your knowledge…do you believe that he would approve of your behavior?

Echo on Solomon’s invitation in this reading. How does the passage reflect your current life? What ideas on being kinder and more thoughtful do you think you need to embrace as you start this new week?

Be open to receiving your answers, and be quiet with your thoughts and feelings. If they are in appreciation of HIM, tell HIM. If you need to begin again, tell HIM this too.

Respond : Breathe in these words and take time to respond to God in any way you feel is good.

Rest : Immerse yourself in what has made an impact in your study for today. Remember your partnership with God is always available. He is always available. Rest in your thoughts and embrace any feelings you may hold.

Discuss: If you are led to do so, share your findings and discuss this experience with family and friends. Know that when your heart is broken so is God’s heart.

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