September 9th Study Guide: Meditating on HIS Word

 This series is based on God’s Words to meditate 


                                                              Joshua 1:8

siyach or hagah


in Hebrew

Bursting to Speak Your Truth

Study Guide

Read : 2 Timothy 1:6-8

Reflect : Think of a time when you felt shy or decided to stay quiet as it came down to sharing how wonderful God is. Perhaps you were scared that someone would ridicule you or suggest to you that God is not real. Relating to Timothy where the Apostle Paul encourages him to be courageous in all things. How could you be bolder in your relationship with God? Through the sharing of your own experiences, do you believe that this could change someone’s life?  How can you cross the bridge to meet family members who are not believers? How can you prepare yourself to not judge others during their own journeys?

In life it is occasionally difficult to maneuver through what is not morally right. These experiences can often create internal chaos in the sense that we know it is important to speak upon God’s certainty; yet, we choose to remain silent. However, do you believe that God can assist you in speaking our holy-truth? How do you feel about being as authentic and as real to invite others to sincerely listen to you? When God has made a significant impact in your life, don’t you want to share this great news?

Respond : Journal on your answers to these profound questions. Revisit them every time you feel that you should remain quiet when speaking on your faithful path.

Rest : Use this exercise as a verbal model toward your encounter with others this week

Discuss : Practice your delivery with open family members and friends. Be sure to discuss why this is important to you, and thank them for allowing you to share your thoughts and feelings.

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