Purpose of Respect

Ever been in a situation where you quickly became aware that a decision you’ve made was not the right one for your well-being? And, in making the choice to bow-out gracefully, you then realize that you are the one who is ridiculed for this conclusion you know is best for your growth and mental self-care.

In many professional and work situations, circumstances such as this one, are usually prompted by a lack of respect toward you; despite your knowledge, work, or careful nature. When experienced, it is clearly a form of microinvalidation, even though you hold optimum knowledge in your field. According to Sue (2017), microinvalidation is a form of microaggression that excludes or negates a person’s thoughts or feelings.

In considering the reasons you shouldn’t bow out, you often tell yourself this too shall pass. And, this reasoning to stay in becomes as a struggle. This struggle may appear as problems in your relationships, and may lead to health challenges due to stress and insufficient rest .

Garnered behavioral patterns when faced with such situations require integrity toward yourself as you continue on the path of who God has made you to be. Your careful actions should always be above reproach. Criticism from those who choose to disrespect you, should never be allowed to damper your spirits. Through your strength in God and your attitude, you may be building someone else’s faith, to assist him or her, to believe that God is our savior and partner in all of the unfortunate issues in this life.

Respect yourself as you respect those who verbally harm you. As we move toward God’s Light, it is the only way to clear the path toward the carefully-crafted love of God has for us.

Enjoy this beautiful month of September!

Rev. M. Charlotte Oliver

Sue, D. (2017). Microaggressions and marginality: Manifestation, dynamics, and impact. Hoboken, NJ;Wiley.

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