The Immortal Garden

As I sit at the dining room table, and I plan our planting projects for the next few months, I am in awe of the amount of snow currently falling in the Denver Metro area. Some have said that it is close to ten inches thus far, yet; this has not caused me any recourse on what my expectations are for the growing season this year.

I view this storm as a blessing for the moisture that it is bestowing on us. I won’t have to water the shrubs or the lawn for a few days after this. In my humble household, the silent falling snow, brings us great moments of reflection. And we capture these, in appreciation of the bounty this moisture will bring.

This afternoon, I will start seeds of violet, blue iris, chocolate habanero, horehound, white soul strawberry, ground cherry, and gambo pepper. Tomorrow, I plan to add to this group with schwartzbeeren and garden huckleberry. I have some nance seed in the freezer to crack and plant as well… as I long for the nance ice cream I used to eat growing up in my home country of Belize.

I trust that wherever you reside at this moment, that your day is filled with gratitude for this life that God has provided us. I urge you to honor it in grace!

Until I write again,

“Garden as though you will live forever.”

~ William Kent

I wish you a great plenty this year!

Rev. Charlotte

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