Core Values of Captivating Women’s Ministry

Doctrinal Veracity: We embrace every person for the purpose of discovering a communal ground in the spiritual tenets and goals we all share. For this reason, we encourage the exploration of spiritual texts from the Bible, as the avenue to feminine wholeness.

Spiritual Vigor: We understand that some take different paths to knowing God; however, our path is through the love and appreciation of Jesus Christ. If this is not your path, we still welcome you to our circle.

Motivation: We do not exist to obtain knowledge only. In its place the epistemology acquired and relationships built in this forum, are far reaching to extend into our everyday communities. We consistently walk our talk as child, parent, wife, significant other, companion, neighbor, family member, friend, co-worker, acquaintance, and, as stranger.

Excellence: We excel as true authentic followers of  Jesus exemplifying all that is good. We are virtuous in all that we do. We respect and honor those with whom we are bonded to, and live a life which exudes the essences of  well-being, optimism, mutuality, appreciation, and nobility (WOMAN).

Servant Leadership: We follow the model of Divine Intelligence (DI) to apply guidance through the acts of fostering and authentically encouraging those around us. We give credit where credit is due, in the knowing that as we learn together, we thrive together.

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