November 25th, 2018 : Mary’s Song of Gratitude


Meditating on HIS words: Joshua 1:8

November’s Theme: Simple Gratitude

siyach or hagah


November 25th, 2018: Mary’s Song of Gratitude

Luke 1: 46-55

A few reflective questions to consider.

  • Mary’s prayer discusses God’s grace when he considers all generations. How does your daily walk with God consider those who came before you, those who are with you, and the example you must set concerning those in your family life who have yet to come?
  • Do you believe that God cares about your current situation? How do you wait for the answers? Do you wait with patience or with irritation?
  • Mary shares that God has great things in store for her. Is this your perspective as well?
  • How does Mary’s prayer open your spirit to rejoice in the Lord, always?

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