Hannah’s Prayer: Patient Gratitude


Meditating on HIS words: Joshua 1:8

November’s Theme: Gratitude

siyach or hagah


Relax and Focus: Find a quiet space to get ready to read the verses

Read: 1 Samuel 2:1-10

Reflect: Hannah lived in mental despair for many years. Not only did she feel somewhat sorry for herself for not being able to have a child, she was likewise ridiculed by those around her. Over 2,000 years ago, Hannah’s experience lends familiarity to what occurs in our everyday circumstances. We feel sorry for ourselves when things are not going right and there are people in our lives who are ready to judge and ridicule at the drop of a hat. Yet, Hannah continued to pray. She prayed relentlessly that she would be given a child.

What goal, idea, or accomplishment are you incubating right now? Are you praying and asking God for guidance? Do you keep your plans between you and God? Or are you blabbing it to everyone?  Do you believe that you have the patience to wait for God’s answers even if these answers sometime take years? Do you listen when his answer is NO? Do you live in gratitude while waiting for the answers or when the answer is NO?

Perhaps you may have some questions you have bottled up for years that you can add to these.

Discern on the answers you’ve provided to these questions. Keep them near as a reference point for you during times of when you believe or have a desire to complain about God’s timing in your life.

Rest: Rest your thoughts and consider ways you could pray while including gratitude. Here’s an idea, maybe you can simply just spend a week thanking HIM for all that he has done and continues to do in your life. Don’t ask for anything during this time, just thank him.

Discuss: Share your findings with family members and friends who are open to listen. Be sure to discuss why this is important to you, and thank them for allowing you to share your thoughts and feelings.

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