October 21st, Reflection

Meditating on HIS words: Joshua 1:8

October’s Theme: Self-Control

siyach or hagah


The Understanding Heart

Relax and Focus: Prepare your reading space. Relax and focus on the joy of reading God’s words.

Read: Psalm 147:3-4, 6

Reflect: Chapter 3 of this Psalm is so reassuring. It offers such comfort to those who are open to receiving God’s precise healing. Broken-heartedness appear in many forms; a broken relationship, love for someone who may be in love with someone else, a child’s behavior (especially teenagers :-), not receiving a job offer, losing a loved one, etc. etc. All very different, with the effects being almost identical.

Think of a time when someone you know shared about this broken heart. How did you react? Did you offer encouragement with no questions attached, or did you share your experience in this area while masking the troubles of the one who shared. Remember, there are many instances when people just need a simple form of inspiration, like one who heeds from blabbering or talking over, when someone has opened up about a problem. God listens to us with no interruptions. And, in his compassionate ways, he often ask us to do the same for others in his Family. He knows all of our need, but encourages us to offer areas of his existence in kindness, right here on earth. He understands our cloudy days. However, he relies on you to help, especially those Family members that don’t know HIM. Helping those who hurt, puts you in a high position to be HIS right-hand person, HIS assistant! What a great promotion appointed by the Most High this is…!

Respond: Discern on the answers you’ve provided to these questions. Keep them near as a reference point for you during times when you listen compassionately or have a nudge to ignore the heartache of someone else.

Rest: Rest your thoughts and consider ways you can become more conscious of the people around you. They may not share their feelings, but through behavior and facial expressions, it is easy to tell when friends are feeling down. Share a cup of coffee or tea with them. Allow them to talk or just be in silence. The fact that you took this time with encouragement and support, will provide your trust. Trust, so that when the time comes for them to share, they know you will listen in confidence.

Discuss: Share your findings with family members and friends who are open to listening. Be sure to discuss why this is important to you, and thank them for allowing you to share your thoughts and feelings.

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