Fullness for Life

Verse: Proverbs 3:1-8

A full and happy life is a longing for most who are not in denial that this is achievable. Yet, the steps needed to reach this pinnacle can take a bounty of undesirable work. Undesirable work often produces laziness that is so very comfortable, it is difficult to often recognize.

The passage that I’ve based this month’s message on, states that following God as our leader is the only way to flourish in every layer of our lives. It is where we can rid ourselves of laziness, strife, unforgiveness, self-denial, and other enemy-reaching ideologies about our true identity of what we really mean to God.

To prosper in this uniqueness allows us to sparkle from the inside out.  It produces loyalty to God, filtered into who he wants us to be.  This faithfulness is transcendent when we come to realize that it should likewise also be shared in support of others who may or may not be on the same path that we have chosen.

Devotion to God does not share room with laziness or excuses. It is a continuous departure from the old way once known, to the new way of bathing in HIS WORD!  Yes, there are lemons such as job loss, relationship problems, losing a family member, or even tragedy that we must sometimes unfortunately face. They often seem to show up and grow in the midst of our attempts to do good…to be good. However, our faithfulness as the sugar cane proudly developing, yields the sweetness of God’s love. God’s love is always there for us. He longs for the ultimate relationship where we place our trust in Him.  He is in control! Our faithfulness is important to Him as he leads us on the path and destination of comfort, peace, and, the fullness of life.

Have a most beautiful and fulfilling August, sweet friends!

In grace & gratitude,

Rev. Charlotte

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