August 12th, 2018 Reading Reflection: Relating to His Words

Relax and Focus : Allow yourself to become centered by slowly breathing in and breathing out. Relax your mind and body.

Read Matthew 14:22-33 – Take time to read these words. Look at them and allow them to fall into you.

Reflect : Close your eyes and consider what this scene must have looked like. We often see them depicted in movies and television shows; however, find your own way of imaging this moment. It was rain and windy and the sea was rough. It must have been very difficult to see Jesus through all of this; yet, the disciples felt his presence and saw him through all of it.
Even though the disciples were skilled fishermen, the weather conditions caused them to struggle greatly. What did they touch? How did the water feel on their faces? Was the air too cold to bear? Were they simply just fatigued?

Your struggles today, even though quite different, may cause you to wonder if God hears your prayers…if Jesus knows your needs. He walked on the water that night to offer comfort to his disciples. If you believe differently, what do you think were his motives?

Peter who often was/is considered weak or even doubtful, wanted to join Jesus on the water. Yet, his lack of faith and his fair caused him to sink into the water. Yet, Jesus reached out to him to lift him up, but not without a recognition of Peter’s weakness. “You of little faith.” he said to Peter. What about your Faith? If Jesus stood before you at this moment, would be saying this to you? Do you think he would be out of control with anger toward you? Would he call you more names or ridicule you? Would he teach you with kindness as he consistently did with his disciples? Do you believe he’d catch you when you sink?

Reflect again on his invitation in the readings. How does this make you feel? How does the passage reflect your current life? What ideas  and feelings do you think you need to hold on to as you start this new week?
Be open to receiving your answers, and be quiet with your thoughts and feelings. If they are in appreciation of HIM, tell HIM. If you need to start over, tell HIM this too.

Respond : Breathe in these words and take time to respond to God in any way you feel is good.

Rest : Immerse yourself in what has made an impact in your study for today. Remember your partnership with God is always available. He is always available. Rest in your thoughts and embrace any feelings you may hold.

Discuss: If you are led to do so, share your findings and discuss this experience with family and friends. Know that when your heart is broken so is God’s heart.

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