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Rachel A. Parsons, MA, is the founder of Fratres Dei Spiritual Direction and Ministries. Rachel has designed the ministries of Fratres Dei to provide a platform upon which people of all spiritual traditions and backgrounds may pursue truth and seek intimacy with the divine. Rachel received her Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from Denver Seminary and her Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Her graduate research centered on the inherently physical nature of human spirituality. She has also received formal training in HeartSync, an imagination-based meditation method for addressing issues of self-disintegration.

Rachel is passionate about creating spaces within which the spiritually or religiously curious may uncover and unpack their essential selves. She firmly holds the conviction that the joy of spiritual exploration is an end in itself, and she is delighted to create opportunities for her clients to explore. While each session is deeply personalized and applicable to individuals of all spiritual backgrounds, Rachel’s extensive theological training provides an especially helpful framework for those seeking explicitly Judeo-Christian guidance. As part of her practice Rachel also offers guided free-form or “ecstatic” dance. As both a spiritual director and an ecstatic dance instructor, Rachel specializes in the friendship of God, the inseparable nature of the body and soul, self-integration, issues of anger with God or misotheism, the dark night of the soul, and fellowship with the rest of nature, She takes particular care to maintain an aesthetically hospitable space to encourage authentic reflection, and she is happy to host outdoor sessions which involve short countryside walks upon request.

Video chat sessions are also available. Please email or call (720) 534-9491 to schedule a FREE initial appointment or to inquire about ecstatic dance sessions. For more information please visit

Rachel loves hiking and biking the mountains of Colorado and enjoying the live music scene in Denver. She can most likely be found playing her guitar or banjo, reading on her balcony, or dancing with her Creator.