Equity, Mission & Vision

Our Commitment to Equity for Every One

We stand with Black and Brown families, communities, our team members, and their families.

As a minority woman and immigrant, our founder Dr. M. Charlotte Oliver has faced racism and discrimination in her work and her life. The events of the year 2020 and those that came before have placed her in discernment to offer complete care, clarity, and obedience to how moving forward in CharlotteO Ministries will look like. With every program, here are our primary steps:

Through complete guidance from God:

-We are committed to partnering with long-standing organizations like the National Urban League, African American Leadership Forum, and the Country of Belize and other countries in Central and South America.

-We are committed to offering 300 hours of pro-bono consulting in leadership and organization development to non-profit and small minority led businesses.

-We are committed to building community resilience through the co-founding creation of a center of care and healing in the United States and Belize.

-We will continue to be diligent in areas concerning discrimination and long-standing systemic issues to enhance equity and opportunities in minority and urban communities, globally.



Our Ministry’s Mission Statement: Our Ministry exists to assist every person regardless of one’s path, to feel valued, respected, encouraged, and fortified, to walk an unashamed, passionate, forgiving, and growing relationship with God, and to embrace gratitude as the cornerstone for building relationships by serving others through actionable love.



We envision this mission unfolding through genuine acceptance of every person’s walk, in life. This vision serves as a platform to encourage and empower as we continue to root ourselves through garnered knowledge, experiences, and daily work toward kindness in our communities and the world. Through our learning programs we continue to establish a framework that truly acknowledges a God-serving life, and to create a platform for current and future ministries and initiatives grounded in teachings built on integrity, service, and compassion.