LL Publishing

Light Leaders Publishing (LLP) is an independent publisher and division of CharlotteO Ministries. Our focus is on writings that are impactful.

LLP is interested in works and writings that promote individual, professional, and social change. We are a Denver-based company dedicated to Christian, spiritual, holistic, urban literary, and those concentrated on humanitarian and community work.

It is our belief that it is within God’s grace that ideas flow; thus the name Light Leaders Publishing. Together it is our goal to partner with you to extend your own knowledge and applications pertaining to Christian and humanitarian and community work initiatives.

We also provide an IRB process for non-doctoral research.

When you partner with us, you can expect these things:

  • An organization built on integrity
  • 100% of your rights is owned by you
  • Assistance with editing your work
  • Physical and digital distribution globally
  • Help with marketing campaigns
  • Competitive royalty structure

As former literary agents, we believe that a proposal to include seven edited chapters is sufficient. These submissions will be accepted starting Autumn, 2018. Should your work be what we seek or otherwise, we will respond directly to you or your agent. No phone calls, please!

Drop us a line to know more.